Adjustable Leash

CHF 29.95

Adjustable dog leash Fabric / Leather.
3 leash size settings
No maintenance required – light and flexible


The 3-position leash is the Swiss army knife of the dog leash. It is generally used during the dressage dogs, but not only. It can also be used all the time thanks to its 5 clever positions:

  • Position 1: Leash for a dog with a position short
  • Position 2: Leash for a dog with a position long
  • Position 3: Leash To hold of them dogs
  • Position 4: Leash hooked around the master or around a post .
  • Position 5: Leash of dressage with flowing collar for dog

The adjustable dog leash is:

  • Versatile: Several leather parts, allow you many possibilities to tie your dog. In a short version, or by quickly attaching the carabiner to another ring for a long leash. Also allows the dog to be released without being hampered by the leash, just carry it over the shoulder.
  • Soft: The flexible leash conforms to the hand very well and offers the necessary grip so that it does not slip out of your hands
  • Convenient : Dimensions of the round leather leash: the leash has a diameter of 10 mm. It can be set to three different lengths !
  • Light: The weight of this leash is rather light. The leash weighs only 235g.
  • Easy to maintain : the leashes can be cleaned easily. No other cleaning or maintenance is necessary.
  • Robust : The nylon rope, the steel hooks and the real leather frames allow the strength of the leash without fail.

Our quality promise includes durability, tensile strength and elasticity. Our leashes are specifically tested and defy high safety standards

Total length of the leash: 2 meters

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