2 in 1 water bottle

CHF 24.90

Portable 2 in 1 water bottle for all types of dogs.

No more water problems, no lack of food.




1.Beverage side:

– Orient the gourd

– Press the button so that the water passes into the reservoir intended for drinking

– As soon as the quantity is sufficient, stop pressing

– Your companion can quench his thirst just like with his bowl of water

– If there is still water, straighten the bottle, press the button so that the water returns to the bottle. No waste!

2. Food side:

– To access the croquettes, simply unscrew the lower cap and use it as a bowl.



Don’t deprive yourself of a good walk. Leave with his majesty who will stay hydrated thanks to his own bottle. Thus avoid that he quenches his thirst anywhere, in any unsuitable puddle. Carry home water everywhere!

No more water problems, no lack of food.

This dog water bottle is made of food grade PC plastic, BPA free, supports your clean and fresh water, the food layer parasol design to prevent oxidative deterioration of water and food due to direct sunlight, has a cooling effect.

The compact design with a strap hanging from the dog bottles is the best solution for your puppy or cat when walking, hiking, traveling or playing. You can put the bottle in a backpack or hang it with a strap. These two parts are detachable and easy to wash.


  • Transport : Small, easily transportable, hang on the cord anywhere. Take her wherever you want.
  • Cut : Suitable for small and large dogs!
  • Secured : Transport, shake, you won’t lose a drop! With its security button.
  • Ergonomic : the curved, rounded shape of the gourd adapts perfectly to your pet’s nose.
  • In case of hungry : Your companion will have something to eat in the event of a hungry meal.
  • Scentless : Transport the croquettes in a practical and odorless way!


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