Magic Brush 2.0

CHF 24.90

The magic anti-hair brush: tested and approved by many customers.


The Magic Hair Brush has been tested and approved by many customers and pet owners.

She is 100% reusable what makes her ecological and economic compared to conventional self-adhesive rollers.

The magic brush measures 7.5cm x 5.5cm x 33cm. It has a 7.5cm x 5cm x 20cm self-cleaning base.

The self-cleaning base allows the brush to be stored and to clean the hairs previously removed with the magic brush.

Inside, it features an extra-large double-sided brush that removes hairs and fluff twice as fast as a single-sided brush.

It cleans animal hair from all surfaces, even those that are difficult to reach for the vacuum cleaner. It can be used on different surfaces: clothes, jackets, sofas, blankets, sheets. Your pets’ hair will no longer be a hassle with the magic brush. Finally, you will be able to keep your clothes, your sofa and even the basket of your pets clean.

This self-cleaning brush can remove:
– the hair
– pet hair
– dust
– fabric fluff
– various dirt

It has been manufactured with high quality, safe and resistant materials.

Easy and practical use:

1. Brush the surface to be cleaned in the direction of the arrow indicated on the brush.
2. Put the magic anti-bristle brush back into its self-cleaning base.

Quick and easy cleaning:

1. After a few uses, you can clean the brush by moving back and forth in the self-cleaning base so that the bristles collect in the collection tray.
2. Open the collection bin at the bottom of the cleaning base to empty the dirt into the trash.


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