Tick tweezers

CHF 9.95

Avoid any risk of catching Lyme disease with the tweezers to remove ticks.


Catching a tick happens very quickly and unexpectedly! It only takes a walk.

Thanks to tick tweezers , you can remove ticks easily and safely .

The technique is painless. You can perfectly remove the tick’s head in three steps :
1. Choose the correct forceps according to the size of the tick.
2. Slide the hooks of the forceps under the tick
3. Make two full rotations to unhook the tick with its head.

It’s simple !

All you have to do is crush or burn the tick and throw it away.

The hard plastic pliers have a non-slip handle. They are sturdy and can be cleaned very easily. Thanks to their sizes, they are very practical to carry, in a bag or in your jacket pocket.

The Lyme disease is transmitted through ticks. This disease can be found everywhere in Europe: Switzerland, France, … And it spreads very quickly because ticks multiply with high temperatures.

Tick tweezers are the only safe method to release the tick once it has bitten your animal (dog, cat, …) or yourself!

ESPECIALLY do not try to remove the tick without this clamp. You risk killing her but have her head still hanging on. It is ineffective and above all dangerous! The tick, possibly carrying germs or Lyme disease, has a regurgitation reflex and may infect you.

Use the proper tick tweezers to loosen cleanly, without decapitating it or regurgitating it. And all this without pain!

This pack contains three pliers, in three different sizes. They are convenient for all sizes of ticks, from small pupa to adult size.

They work just as well on animals as they do for you, their owners.

Plus, unlike metal tweezers, there is no risk of injuring yourself or cutting the tick.

Do not wait any longer ! Plan ahead!

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